Happy New Year! 2019 Book TBR: 100+ Books?!?!

Happy New Year, friends! So, to be quite frank, I ABSOLUTELY failed on my 2018 TBR list. It’s almost pathetic to be honest– ironically, pre-calculus is making a fool out of me. BUT NO MORE! This mathematical tyrant holds it’s sway no longer. Together, we shall conquer our TBR list, as well as many, many more books. Can we make it up to 100 books? Perhaps past it?! Is this hindsight cringing at how much I’ve overestimated myself?! Maybeeeee so, but I guess we’ll find out. Onward with the TBR!




1. All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes

This bad boy was a rec suggested to me by @malanielovesfiction !Honestly, she is the only rec source I’ll ever need, because all of her rec are full of angst and, more importantly,  they’re gay as frick;  and I’m happy to report that this one is no exception.  It’s also a cop book, and I love cop books. Thank you, gay, cop rec lord, @malanielovesfiction, and may the gods bless you.




2. Rock -N- Soul by Lauren Sattersby

Lovely contestant number two is a rock star/ghost/romance themed book, which to say in the least caught my attention. I don’t know what came upon our dear Sattersby to write in such a specified field but I’m so glad she did. Also, this baby is a big one, and I’m in the mood for a good, long, thicc ol’ book. Thick spines save lives people.


Me, drowning in the pages.



3. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Coming in at number three is this problematic waifu. I’m so excited to read this book and acknowledge my new everything, Evelyn Hugo. This book is about a Hollywood starlet and her journeys through life– and this book is a f/f romance! It’s so hard to find f/f romances these days, so I’m so happy I found her.  I feel like this book got super popular near the end of this year, but *trigger warning* I’m pretty sure it’s a bit intense, so be careful if you’re one of my smol, precious readers. We got you boo, just take a trip down to the book The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. It’s honestly the fluffiest sh*t I know.


               Me @ Evelyn.



4. If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio

First off, look at her cover?!?! We stan a Hamlet-esque, color-fade, angst trip. As I was informed, it’s a book about a group of college, student actors who are obsessed with Shakespeare, and the theater, and getting into dangerous, weird sh*t. It’s a classy little murder/thriller and I’m so in the mood for it. Low-key not over the color fade tho, I’m inspired, maybe a blog makeover soon? *lazy laughter in the distance*  




5. Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Again, why are these covers so gorgeous? This one is activating my inner, craftier self and it frightens me a bit.  Now I’m not too sure what this bad boy is about, but I’m pretty sure there is also a tie to Shakespeare– so I don’t know? Maybe all Shakespeare related novels are visually pleasing? This one takes place in high school though, so maybe a bit more bullying and puberty and a little less murder?



6. This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

So this Van Gogh-esque painted lady, *when did all cover artists find their creative glow-up?! No more half-naked guys on everything?!?! But when?!*, is about an intense friendship and a search for a painting. It’s like Nancy Drew, except with stronger friendships, and I’m pretty sure everyone in an adult. Ya gurl loves her friends, so this is good news people. Platonic love is just as important as romantic love, and I’ll stand by that till the end.

When your friend game is so strong, you coordinate grave stones.



7. Vengeful V.E. Schwab

I know I need to stop it with the cover art praise, but come on!!! That red/black combo satisfies me to no end. But that’s beside the point. You know that moment when you think you’ll never find a good book again? Well I was at that point in my life, and V.E. Schwab just came on up with his book Vicious, and made my gosh-darn life. This little number is the sequel to Vicious, and let me just tell you– I’m super excited. I need not say any more– just go read the darn books. However, if you’re still skeptical,  I will say that it’s about superheroes/villains with different, cool powers and it’s amazing.


Me, finding out that other good books exist.



8. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Lovely number eight is a historical novel, which will balance out all this contemporary I’ll be reading quite nicely. Also, both love interests are female, and as I mentioned before, do you know how hard it is to find f/f romance these days? It’s ridiculously hard– I had to squint, go on a soul-searching road trip, hire a demon, and sell my soul to Ronald McDonald to find this one. I’m detecting a bit of a representation issue here. Authors? *claps hands* Where are my f/f romances?! This may convince me to alter my own wip into a f/f romance, but we shall see.


The shade has been thrown.



9. Clockwork Angel

So I’m not going to say it, but it has something to do with the cover. Can you guess what it is? But I’m not going to say it, I swear. I’m actually going to buddy read this lad with my best friend @malanielovesfiction so I’ve already started it a bit, and it seems like a lot of fun. It’s a fantasy, mystery book, which is right up ol’ Betty’s alley. Fun fact, I’m obsessed with Clare’s character, Magnus Bane, and he makes a cameo somewhere in this series, so I am here for it. *claps my gay hands for my gay sire, Magnus Bane*.




10. The Secret History by Donna Tartt

So, to round this list off we have the beautiful Secret History novel. This darling is also a college drama/murder mystery quite like If We Were Villains, however instead of Shakespeare, they’re into the Classics. I’m pretty sure this is a dark, physiological thriller which sounds really nice and pretentious. This is the book that you want your professor to catch you reading at the local coffee shop– its cerebral and intellectual, and I desperately need some of that in my reading life, let me tell you hunney. 



Will you be reading any of these books this year? What else do you have planned, any recs for me? Comment down below and we’ll talk about it boo.










My First Time Reading Twilight: WTF Edward?! + Support Your Local Twilight Fan PSA


7/10 points

Y/A Fiction/Fantasy

So the other day I was slinking about the library and I happened upon the book Twilight. Now, I’ve always been very curious about this book, but because of all the negativity and shame surrounding it, I was always too embarrassed to check it out.

But standing there, staring at this beacon of shimmering vampire baes and mystery, I wondered what it must be like to absolutely love these books, and yet be shamed for it on a regular basis.

In a haze of protectiveness for my fellow book lovers, I marched over to the nearest station and checked it out. And then had to blush due to the knowing, disproving stare of the librarian.

So just as a PSA of sorts to all Twilight fans– you have my ultimate love and respect. I support you no matter how I feel about this book, and encourage you to love it with all the earnestness I can muster. Support your local Twilight fan!

That being said, who the F does Edward think he is?!?!



But yeah– who?!?! The Mother Mary? Shiva? The Dalai Lama? Please let me know, because honestly, he was my only issue with this book. But more on that latter.

Because the first thing I thought was DAMN. This Bella chick is a BadA**. She’s loyal, brave, well-read, and is sacrificing a great deal in order to make her mother happy. I mean, really– she sacrifices her life for her mother! She’s so honorable and awesome, and I fell in love with her nearly instantly.


Yaas queen keep up that Chivalrous code

And although her personality was very subtle, it was clearly defined. Like she says in the books, she is very mature for her age and has settled down quite a bit compared to other kids in her age group– but this doesn’t make her card board; I was shocked when people said that she lacks personality.

Another thing I loved about Bella was that although she gives into Edward’s will quite a bit, she always manages to stick up for herself. For example, she fully drags Edward about his annoying privileged behavior and I was just like– Okay Momma! (ps. she also schedules her cries, so hunny you’re alright with me.)



And the writing is pretty great too. It was very atmospheric and immersed me deeply. I was like- yeah man– Forks is the place to be! It’s described as green and lush and gray– basically a hipsters Instagram paradise. Also, the writing has a very sweeping quality that was very appropriate for the mood and just had me making my scrumptious face, kudos to you Stephenie Meyer.


SO– Bella, we loved her. Writing, Yassss Stephie. But Edward? Hunnnnn, no. I don’t know why but every time he spoke to Bella, it felt like he was actively being condescending.  I mean maybe he’s just rusty on a social level, you know?

But that doesn’t help the fact that he has directly called her stupid a few times. Like– Booo- are you sure that’s how you seduce a girl? By being mean to her? Maybe it gets better as the series goes on, but I was pretty annoyed by him.

And there’s that hopeless stalking her while she sleeps business, which is literally illegal– but I don’t know, she seemed to be into that; however, he didn’t really ask her permission before hand, so he is not forgiven.




Despite this, Edward did have his charming moments. He was so polite and had a genuine interest and playfulness where it concerned Bella. For me, that is refreshing and really heart-throb-alicious. Overall, his initial behavior is my only complaint, as he began to soften up and give her more respect as the story went on.

So, I think that’s all the relationship problems that I saw in this book, discounting the age gap between Edward and Bella, because I feel like that argument is somewhat moot here. I mean. Come on guys. He’s a vampire. He’s dead. Is he even aging anymore? Even if you do count the years postmortem, Bella is a grown a** adult. As far as I’m concerned, she can do as she wishes.


I suppose (not to excuse him at all tho) we must except that he has a different culture and probably has issues with over-protectiveness and strange (stalky) tendencies because he understands just how fleeting life is–as he is, after all, really dead.  I guess every relationship has it’s flaws that needs to be worked out, but this one has really got it’s work cut out for it.


Keep it up there, *insert Bella/Edward ship name here* One day you’ll be healthy.

(But seriously, what is their ship name? Bellward? Edell? I choose Bellward– that’s frickin’ cute.


So, what do you think of this book? I liked it, but I don’t think I’m going to get into the series, as it’s just not really my jam. But it made me so sad, as I’m really in the mood for a vampire style romance *sighs* . Comment below if you have any suggestions for your poor, fang-deprived Betty.






Characters too pure for Haunted House Attractions: Bionic Book Worm’s Top 5 Tuesday!!!


Top 5 Tuesday, Hosted by Bionic Book Worm

Hello dears! Bionic Book Worm ,a marvelous blogger, has inspired me to do this Top 5 Tuesday list in honor of all my smollest beans. Who is too pure for Haunted House Attractions?!?! I’m overcome with the purity of this prompt,– (Disclaimer: if you experience intense heart palpitations and other fits in the presence of extreme or excess fluff, I suggest you skip this article and contact your physician.) With that said, bask in it dears.


1.Wylan Van Eck from Six of Crows

So this ball of sweetness was the brain child of Leigh Bardugo. He is the bomb technician for Kaz Brecker’s gang and is constantly considering the moral ambiguity of things and blushing with his boyfriend Jesper Fahey. I was on the fence with this one as he is a bomb technician for Chris’ sake, and haunted houses are mainly reliant on those with jumpy reactions to things, but I feel like the scary visuals and ambiance would be enough to frighten this wonderful lad. He’d definitely be the one crying at the end and Jesper would be like-it’s okay sweety, none of it’s real, they’re just actors. FJFJDHDFUYGUT! MY HEART CANNOT FUNCTION!




2. Robbie from Wolf Song

Robbie is a little puppy of loyalty and sweetness created by T.J. Klune. He is a beta in a werewolf pack led my Ox Matheson. All he wants in life is to be a receptionist and live happily and fashionably with his fake hipster glasses. Despite his tough front, I think he’d be on high nervous alert in a haunted house, probably hanging as close to his pack as possible without giving away his terror. Robbie is just such a sweet, sensitive boy, he’d be disturbed for days after the experience– he deserves all the hugs that are possible.



3. Winter from The Lunar Chronicles

Winter is a lovely poppet created by Marissa Meyer. She is a kind Princess who cares and loves her people. Forever being a moral, precious gurl, she refuses to use her powers in response to her family using their own gifts for evil, despite the mental and physical damage she retains in the process. Even though she’s a hardened hunny who’s seen some stuff, I think she’d be very disturbed and flighty in a haunted house, and spend the whole time with her face buried in her boyfriend’s jacket. OMG– she’s just so sweet and pure– I just feel such an urge to protect her! JUST TAKE HER TRICK-OR-TREATING GOSH DANG IT!




4. Jory from A Matter of Time

Jory Keyes is an intelligent, eager, little sprout created by Mary Calmes. An orphan and foster child, all he wants to do is live happily with his chosen family and (*coughs* trash) boyfriend Sam Kage. He’s sassy and happy and I love him so much. I want to adopt him as my problematic son and feed him lasagna. He deserves SOOOO much better than Sam Kage– Honestly I would read a story of just him hanging out with his best friend/boss and his bad a** wife. He would be the one who would loiter out front of the haunted house for hours before deciding to go in. He’d sprint through the whole thing tho, and scream the whole time. He deserves some tea, why can’t he just have some tea?!?!



5.  Elain from A Court of Mist and Fury

This smol baby was created by Sarah J Maas. She is Feyre Archeron’s older sister and is too sweet and fragile for the pressures of her tough world. I really don’t like her that much as she let Feyre go out into the dangerous world alone, but she’s redeeming herself as the books go on. Also, Azriel likes her, and whoever my handsome boy loves I shall love, as well. She would be the one halfway to tears before she even enters the haunted house– the one that the actors would break character for in order to ask if she’s okay.


So, did you like the Top 5 Tuesday thing? I really do, and would love to do some more in the future. Who would you put on this list? Sound off in the comments and we’ll gossip together.



Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating : (Hazel Bradford is my Ultimate Wifey)



So, in between bouts of Pre-Calculus invoked existentialism I read this glorious tome, and LET ME TELL YOU! It is everything.

When your parents find you at 1 A.M. crying tears of joy in the hallway, peeing your pants with laughter, (and they consider sending you to the asylum for the mentally disturbed) it may have been because of this book.

And it came at such a great time?! Boy let me tell you, I’ve needed this. Also, I’ve called Hazel Bradford as MY wifey– come at me @MalanieLovesFiction!


Come at me bae.


Summary: Hazel Bradford is a elementary school teacher who is awkward in every wonderful way. She’s eccentric, has no filter, somehow always manages to make some sort of trouble for herself, and is obsessed with the Alien movies (i.e. perf wife material).

However, she always ends up making the most trouble around Josh, her ex-college tutor,  brother of her best friend, and ideal perfect lover. This novel follows Hazel and Josh’s slow burn love story, and epic friendship and it makes me so very happy.


Me, crying to the heavens about my lady love.

That good stuff: Putting aside my obsession for Ms. Bradford, can we talk about how well put together this book is? The pacing is so great, and there wasn’t a moment that I didn’t feel immersed. And let me tell you– immersion is SUPER important for me in a book, so I was super grateful for this.

Also, the characters? There were lovable, and super additive and real. Take Hazel for example, she felt so organic and yet had that slight out-of-this-world quality that made her an interesting character.

Not to mention she was hilarious– my throat was sore with laughter at the end of this. Josh was great too– so often the love interests become mechanical vehicles of romance that just end up far too boring to get into, but Josh was just great. He kept up toe to toe with Hazel on the humor scale, and yet provided this column of calm, zen support that helped me keep afloat in the sea of emotions.

Not to mention, Josh’s mom was a real treat– if I end up losing to @MalanieLovesFiction for Hazel’s hand, I know who I’m shooting for next.


I see you, Josh’s mom! Werk it gurllll.

That bad stuff: Honestly, I just sat down and thought really long and hard about what was bad about this book, and couldn’t figure it out. Maybe that it ended? Hazel– boo I’m not ready to be alone! Come back to me hunny! I miss you bae.


An existence without Hazel is a dark one indeed.


So, what do you think? Have you read this master piece? Tell me what you think below.

Bye, bye, dears!


My August TBR List: Surprise Dolls, I’m back!

So…WHEW– hunny!


It’s been a hop skip and a JUMP of a minute since I last spoke to you all. But, of course, I’m moving house, and honestly I think going into contract with the devil would be less eventful.

However, in lue of these busy situations, I’ve decided to do a post and try some new content in recompense…

So, ALAS! I present to you, my August TBR list!!!


  1. In Company of Shadows (Series) by Ais and Santino Hassell

So, this bad boy has been on my list for a while. And boy does it come with some TEA! What I heard was that the authors went to a bunch of different editors and they all wanted to change the thickness of the book so they were like—NUHUH SWETTIE, you leave her alone!—and they just put it out by themselves online. I’m really excited by this one and its exclusivity, but the only thing is, there are no physical copies. And the very GODS above us know I hate reading off of my kindle. I’m just a physical book kind of girl, what can I say? Looks like I’m going to have to suck this one up tho—ONLY FOR YOU Sin and Boyd!


(Me @Sin and Boyd)




2. Heroes for Ghosts by Jackie North

Contestant number two was suggested to me by malanielovesfiction, and she said it was a must. Also, the main character is the sweetest, most smol bean to make contact with our earth, (and so is the main character in my WIP, so I’m hoping to garner a little insight on how to write a sweet little muffin. ) But anyway—it also contains time travel, and I can already feel my inner nerd quaking in her Star Trek socks.


Werk it Mr. Spock!



3. RavenSong by TJ Klune

Let it be known that I’m a HUGE TJ Klune fan, so I’m so excited to read this precious boi! This lad is currently on his way in the mail, but I suspect the UPS people have a personal vendetta against me because it still isn’t here and I’m crying—I’m currently gazing at my mail box and listening to sad Celine Dion music. STEP UP YOUR GAME, UPS!


I mean, quite frankly, I relate.



4. The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

So, guess who recommended me this one…malanielovesfiction! Who would have guessed! I really need to get my life together, almost all of the books I’ve read this year were recommended by her. But anyway, it’s a gun-slinging, gapride, cowboy and Native American book, which I think is my new desired aesthetic.


I’m ready for some wild, wild west action, baby!



  1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

So I seen superkitty21books blog about this novel, and I was super intrigued. Apparently it’s a comedy, and thinking back, I haven’t read a comedy since middle school, so I am (maybe a bit overexcited) to read this book?! She gave it a mixed review so I’m trying not to get my hopes up (Too late!). I’m hoping for some steaming tea and some good laughs, but I suppose we shall see.


Me, desperate for joy in my soul.


So, I think that’s it! It’s a bit ambitious considering my schedule– but ya girl’s gonna try, friends. What do you think? Any suggestions? Comments? Have you read some of these bad boys? Comment below, my dears.


Wolfsong by T.J Klune: Literal Fluff Bois Spill The REAL Tea


Official Rating: 10/10

So, a few days ago I tried to spend my summer break like all the other youths and I went to the beach. Of course this plan went horribly astray, and I came home with terrible sunburns ALL OVER MY BODY.  BUT—what better to heal my mutilated skin than by talking about the FLUFFIEST of the fluff books—that somehow also managed to destroy whatever was left of my emotions after Foxhole Court, how’d that happen?????

So prepare for some literal, fluff bois (how many times will I use this joke) and get ready for some sassy, angsty, werewolf drama, cause we’re talking about Wolfsong, babe!


*Me getting ready for the real tea*


Summary: So, per usual, we’ve got a precious young lad on our hands! Somebody call the fire brigade, everybody’s so shocked.


*My audience at this point, so done with me*

BUT ANYWAY—he’s got some BIG daddy issues, and as a result it’s just him, his mom, and his chosen family—(a cool cat named Gordo and all of his car fixing minions). So, for a hot minute of this book, Ox (the name of our main boi) and his family are just living their best lives, together.


*Ox and Gordo bonding*

And then *sips tea*—A family like the Cullen’s but classier comes into town (*inserts the side eye of major shade*), and their son Joe starts a friendship with our dear, ol’ Ox. In between life, death, and all that saucy drama, this book documents how angsty life can get, especially if you’re a supernatural being.


*this book in one gif*


So, my review—


*me, overwhelmed with this task*

YASYAYsYAS!!!!!  I LOOOVE THIS BOOK! Can we start out with the writing style?!?! It was so unique and personal? I felt as if every emotion that Ox described just flowed off the page and into my body.  It was so organic and refreshing, and RAW, which really describes this book as a whole.

And then the characters! Sassy, salty, saucy lads and lasses on every side—it was fair to say that I was completely overwhelmed—and Ox went from this precious, pure boi straight to this hardened, sass, flinging leader, and I was so proud of him!?!? And not to mention Joe—who was messed up from the beginning– somehow still managed to be the most puppy like of the group?!?! Such strength in one smol, blonde package.


(*This is Ox, in every way that it can be interpreted.*)

And then, (I won’t specify for you anti-spoiler folk out there), there is this chunk of the book that is SOOOO EMOTIONAL, and I just had a moment where I took all of my angst and felt all the emotions. It was so cathartic for me, and it was so real and authentic, and I love this book and could talk about it for ages, and so I need to stop now before this gets out of hand *takes a breath*.


*me, professing my undying devotion for this book*

So, what do you think? Are you like me, and are hopelessly devoted to this book? Who’s your fav character from the series? Comment below, I need to obsess some more.

-Betty B


The Foxhole Court Series: So much angst, I almost died (Neil too)


This books wins the Great Emo Prize for having the most angst. THE MOST ANGST. *I cried so many times?*

If you are of the precious, smol bean variety, and have a pure heart of fluff and a soul of happiness, then you won’t survive this book, and its MANY, MANY tragedies.

But as for me, whose emotions have died and whose soul was a void from birth, I took all that ANGSTY PAIN in stride and relish!

These books are really coming for The Captive Prince trilogy as my official religious texts?!?!?! I THOUGHT I HAD LOYALTIES! WHO AM I! *questions self**stress eats pop tarts**shivers*


*Me every time I think of this book.*


Summary: So this pretty, side eye, sassy lad named Neil Josten is squatting in *random U.S. small town #12*, so that he can get his education like a GOOD GOOD BOI! But he’s really shady, and the reader doesn’t know his story, or why he’s by himself, and it’s a mystery.


*Me creepin’ on Neil.*

But he’s also playing on his high school Exy team, because he must protect his *FITNESS*. Now Exy is a genius sport, which exists because lacrosse and football had a beautiful, VIoLENT, child a couple years ago, and Neil’s suspiciously good at it. *Squints eyes*. So he gets recruited kidnapped by Coach Wymack and co. to go play college Exy for the Palmeto State Foxes. Which he’s not so thrilled by, but it’s also been his dream to play Exy, but he wants to stay mysterious and low key, because of his branding.


*a wild Neil Josten, annoyed because he has dreams and aspirations*

And so when he ends up in the team, he becomes entrapped in FRIENDSHIP and EMOTIONS and SALTY DRAMA, and ENTRIGUE, (especially with a certain gorgeous lad named Andrew *winkwonk*) and he can’t escape all the sass and love. AND THAT’S WHERE I’M STOPPING BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL IT, NO MA’AM!





So, turns out that if you put PRIDE LOVE and angst and sass into sports, I am suddenly obsessed with it?!?!?! Like, GET ME MY MERCH! PUT SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE, I NEED AUTOGRAPHS!  I NEED PLAY BY PLAYS, HELP ME LORD! If you put me on the spot, I could real deal enumerate ALL of the rules, types of equipment, and all of the team’s positions, FLAWLESSLY! *legit my only skill*


*Me if I ever got to watch Exy.*

These books give me life and death, simultaneously. It was painful to read them, but it was also painful NOT to read them. I was obsessed from the first chapter, and couldn’t put it down. I especially loved how character-centric it was! From page one, I was in LOVE with Neil. And then Andrew showed up, and I was like, WHY YOU GOT PROBLEMS WITH MY BOI NEIL, HUH?! But then Andrew began to take my heart apart BIT by BIT by BIT, until I don’t even know if it’s a working organ anymore. Then the others followed, and now I’m a battered pulp of emotions in every way?!?!?!


So, in conclusion, READ THESE BOOKS, if it’s the last thing you do! *ya’know, within the range of what you can take, it does include trigger warnings ect., use caution my friends*.

So, what do you think? Comment below if you think I should either The Captive Prince trilogy or The Foxhole Court Series should take over as my religious texts? Or if I should use both? Help?


The Captive Prince Trilogy: a.k.a my religious texts


cp pic

Wait a minute, did I hear about some precious gay bois? *cries**Trips over pride flag**hyperventilates*

Okay C.S. Pacat, we see you queen! We see you goddess! You cannot hide from my love!

Let me preface this, if you’re not ready to find religion and everything holy, then DO NOT pick up these books.


Me after reading these books, *be warned*.


Summary: So we get introduced to a *pretty, precious, pure boi* named Damen, who is the crown prince of Akielos.


And here we see actual footage of our brave, fierce prince.

Now, his brother is the literal definition of petty, and using his powers of shade he sends Damen, *by force, USE CONSENT PEOPLE* to the country of Vere. To be a fricken’ slave—BUT NO ONE KNOWS THAT IT’S HIM. Turns out, he’s being given as a special present *SURPSISE GURL* to an EVEN SHADIER, SALTIER, PRETTIER BOI *STAND DOWN AKEIOLOS* named Laurent, the crown prince of Vere. (Whose older brother Damen may or may not have killed a couple years’ prior *inconspicuous coughs*). In order to live his best life, he must keep his identity hidden, or risk being killed by both the Prince Laurent, and all the rest of Vere.


Is that our Prince Laurent that I spy on the horizon? I think it just might be so!

But, using the powers of pride love and sass, Laurent and Damen engage in an epic quest to save their countries and be the fierce kings they were meant to be. *you better werk huney*


My Review:



*Slams hands on table*


First off, let it be known that I cannot (physically/mentally/spiritually) survive unless I’m served a generous amount of sass every day. A sass glutton, if you will. AND THIS BOOK SERVED ME THAT GOOD, GOOD– A DELICIOUS MEAL OF SALTY SASSY BOIS.


Not to mention that this book was consistent. SHE WAS A LOYAL GIRL, ALRIGHT?! It was as if The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Game of Thrones had a gorgeous love child, that I abducted and treated as one of my own and fed only gold and precious gems. You got your adventure, your war, your romance– what more could a fan girl trash-bucket like me ask for?  I was HOPELESSLY DEVOTED to this book. Schoolwork? I don’t know her. Sunlight? Never heard of her. Social Life? Huney, can’t help her. ONLY THIS BOOK.

Also, I Loooove both Laurant and Damen with the core of my being. It’s the OTP to end all OTP’s. They’re so cute and playful together, (you know, after all the torture bouts and angst feuds are resolved). The literal ship of dreams, and if you disagree you can *fight me, lad*.


Me to all my fellow shippers. My people—I belong to you! *sobs*

If both a human being or my copies of these books were danging off of a ledge, I’d– grab my books without shame, not sorry babe. The MC’s were both so complex!!!! Damen has this intense character development where he morphs and changes from a naive, biased bean, to a sassy King of side eyes and Akielos– and I was just like—YOU’RE DOING GREAT HUNNEY! And then Laurent?!?!?! MY androgynous, sassy, Satan-kitty?!?!?! YUSYUSYUS! I NEED HIM. I would sacrifice my soul to the eternal beasts of hell for him.

SO, 10 boops out of 10. Would read again, forever and ever, in fact. I’m assimilating to the culture of my new overlord, buhbye! Get wrecked productivity, I’ll be reading thnx.


Have you read these books? Plan to? Leave a comment below, and we’ll obsess talk about it together.

-Betty Booperino